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12 Size: About 12 x 2 cm (4.72 x 0.78 inch)

12 Size Color:  Center Glossy Chrome, Border Matte Pattern


15 Size: About 15 x 2 cm (5.9 x 0.78 inch)

15 Size Color: Center Sand Matte Pattern , Border Glossy Chrome



Detailkorea Griben Car Nickname Bimmer Metal Sticker 60203 for BMW All Cars
The Genuine 100% New Brand

Designed by GRIBEN with Handwritten Lettering
BMW Nickname "BIMMER"
Brand "Griben" is a metal sticker designed by.
Applied vehicle : BMW All Cars

※ 0.3 mm Thickness is very thin, The actual metal sticker.
※ Please check out the instruction before attaching it.

▷ Materials: Nickel + Chrome
▷ Quantity : 1SET (2 PCS)
▷ Thickness: about 0.3 mm very thin
▷ Manufacture : DETAILKOREA (made in korea)
▷ High precision, Stylish design

  ※ Precautions.
♠ Be sure to check the size before purchase.
♠ Because it is a very thin metal sticker. (thickness: 0.3 mm) When attaching may rip. (Please Caution)
♠ Do not attach to rough surfaces.
♠ Find out how the use of the product. (Refer the video)
♠ Corner is sharp, Please check out the instruction before attaching it.
♠ It is not recyclable.

※ Warranty
In the case of one damaged the previous 3 months, please send us a photo of the damaged product.
We will confirm the shipping again after a photo of the damaged product. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.
(If you want wholesale or "Drop Shipping", please send a message.)

"DETAILKOREA" ownership of the design. Unauthorized copying or use prohibited.

Griben Car Nickname Bimmer Lettering Metal Sticker 60203 C for BMW

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